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Happy National Dogs Day! by gingerlisous23
Happy National Dogs Day!
Receiving a wet kiss from my puggle Moxie! Yep licked my lipstick right off for the camera...
Durmortierite Quartz by gingerlisous23
Durmortierite Quartz
Name/Alias/Nickname: Lady Blue, Durma
Division Name: Blue Dumortierite Quartz Facut A-001
Height: 8.3 ft 
Stone: Dumortierite Quartz
Dance Style: Waltz…
Weapon: Staff
- has a ring on top that can stretch out to lasso a victim or shoots out lasers.
- Psychometry - Obtaining information about a person or object, usually by touching or concentrating on the object
- Psychokinesis -  The ability to manipulate objects by the power of thought
- Levitation: To float or fly
- Telepathy - Able to read minds. This power is limited though.

Alignment: Unknown

Previous Alignment:
Homeworld - Aristocrat - Blue Diamond
Crystal Gem - Earth

Short History: 

The first of her kind. Created as an aristocratic gem, Durma sworn her loyalty to Blue Diamond. She was summoned as a powerful mystic that can foresee hidden information or to track down other gems. A valuable and rare accessory to the blue diamond court, she was at the time an adviser to her Diamond at Homeworld. 

During the construction of the earth colony, Durma was sent ahead to oversee the progress and assist Pink Diamond. True to her word, Durma proceeded to Homeworld with own group of blue quartz soldiers provided by her Diamond. Durma sought out a peaceful existence on planet Earth as the gems continued to build and she presumed her duties working under Pink Diamond.

Slowly she became associated with Rose Quartz, a member of the Pink Diamond Court. Both would see each other regularly, becoming friends in the process. However their friendship was tested when Rose wanted to rebel against the Diamond Authority. Despite her loyalty, Durma stepped back and never reported Rose as the Rebellion began. Durma's time was short lived as her blue diamond came to Earth for a visit. 

Durma was investigated over by the blue court because of her friendship with Rose Quartz. She was accused with collaborating with the enemy and for not reporting the quartz. The night she was put away to be shattered in the morning, Rose Quartz broke her out  from prison. She went into hiding with Rose and Pearl, still shocked of how the court treated her even after centuries of being the desired gem. It took her awhile to adapt to the Earth as a crystal gem, but she grew to love the earth and assisted Rose to prepare for the Gem War.

After the war, she remained with the Crystal gems and often went on solo missions to collect corrupted gems. The more she left, the more she felt the calling to make a new home for herself. Rose encouraged her to follow her dream. So Durma collected her things and ventured off to find a 'home' Durma traveled for quite some time exploring the world.

Along the way she found Yellow Jade and Peach Pearl. They finally settled into watermelon island after running into the Crystal Gems and Steven. The watermelons welcomed Durma and the new gems happily as their new guardians! 

Personality: Intelligent, Patient, Calm, Diplomatic

Likes: Flowers,  Books, Meditation 
Dislikes: Lies, Fighting, 
Fears: Horrifying Secrets she might find
Friends: Moss Agate , Peach Pearl, Yellow Jade


Physical Traits
 - Her hair braids down all the way to the floor, drags it along with her cape
- Back of her dress looks similar to this…
- no one knows what her feet looks like.................NO ONE..they always seem none existent LOL
- Back on Homeworld she used to wear a transparent veil over her head as part of her uniform 

- Her base is on Watermelon Island: Lives with the locals watermelon stevens

Fluorite [Peaches, Durma]
Dragon Vein Agate  [YJade, Durma]

Yes you May Fuse with her!
Link Me Results!
My name is GingertheHarpy...and I'm addicted to Crossy Road 

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